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China Merchants Foundation  


【About CMF】

The China Merchants Foundation is a grant-making foundation established by the China Merchants Group in 2009, and now has become primary philanthropic arm nationwide. It takes livelihood improvement, poverty alleviation, and sustainable development as an aim, and advocate for equal enjoyment or exercise of social progress. We empower individuals, invest in leadership, and address fundamental inequity as we believe in the intrinsic motivation of all people. We work with leaders, communities, institutions and other stakeholders for seeking innovative solutions to social challenges, for making our society more prosperous, sustainable and equitable to all. 


To eliminate poverty, promote and construct a more prosperous, equitable and sustainable society.


Providing opportunities for individuals to thrive, pushing forward equal cooperation, building a more prosperous, equitable and a wonderful society through adopting rational thinking, practical attitude, innovative and sustainable methodology.

【Issues of Focus】

Anti-poverty,Community governance,Sustainable development

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